United States Postal Service

The world could use less hate and more love. The USPS is doing whatever it takes to get the public to send more letters, because the best way to show someone you love them is with a handwritten note.

Direct Mail

The USPS will send everyone in America a free, pre-stamped letter.

Air Mail

We’ll also put letters in airplanes. Without wifi, it’s the perfect opportunity to put feelings to paper.


Out of Home

Scratch N Sniff Stamps

Scent and emotion are closely linked, so the USPS will create limited edition stamps with smells* that make your message even stronger.

(*smells are one thing tech hasn’t hacked yet)

Letter Writing LP

The USPS will commission the band Snail Mail to create an instrumental album that is the ideal letter-writing sound track.


Spacecraft USPS

The USPS will send love into the universe with the first ever USPS spacecraft delivery.

Simply address a letter to “The Universe,” and it will be sent into space on the inaugural launch: February 14, 2020.